Omega Edge™

Omega Edge™


OmegaEdge provides the highest quality milled flaxseed ingredients and formulations to the layer, equine and pet food markets.  Superior ingredients, matched with our formulation development, testing, and verification, ensure the success of customers’ Omega 3 programs.

OmegaEdge flaxseed is milled using our proprietary, cold-milled process, resulting in stable product with exceptional shelf life – up to two years under controlled storage conditions.   It is derived from food-quality, full-fat flaxseed cleaned to minimum 98.0% purity. 

OmegaEdge specializes in custom formulations for cutting-edge companies with specialized omega-3 and animal health requirements.  With Dr. Doug Bibus, a leading lipid scientist, we work and consult with customers’ nutritionists to development and formulate their particular nutrition requirements.  Let our Omega-3 expertise work for you!


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