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US Commodities has been a trusted supplier of a wide range of Ag-related feed ingredients and foodstuffs to global customers for over 20 years. Founded by Wint Ritchie and Ken Fluck in the early 1980’s, US Commodities currently has six trading offices and over twenty-five merchandisers and field marketing specialists. Throughout its growth, US Commodities has stayed true to its twin values of quality service backed-up by financial strength. Today, US Commodities is owned by AgMotion, Inc, an integrated agricultural holding company based in Minneapolis, MN.
US Commodities’ operating footprint spans the globe, serving clients from Asia to Europe, the Americas to the Middle East. Our Mexican office links North American products to markets in Latin and South America. Our specialty grains affiliate, AgMotion Specialty Grains, is a leading supplier of organic grains and ingredients as well as trait-specific products to discerning processors around the globe.
Domestically, US Commodities is a leading supplier of feed ingredients, specializing in dairy feedstuffs, rendered products, whole grains, and co-products. US Commodities also supplies specialized pet food ingredients to domestic and International customers.
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Minneapolis, MN - Corporate Office
700 US Trust
730 2nd Avenue South
Minneapolis, MN 55402
phone: 612.486.3800
fax: 612.486.3900
Paseo de la Fundacion #3481
Fracc. Villas de Irapuato
36670 Irapuato, Guanajuato - Mexico
phone: 52-4-623-1071
fax: 52-4-623-1073
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