Pet Food Ingredients

Pet Food Ingredients

US Commodities’ Pet Food Ingredients group specializes in originating and delivering a wide variety of high-quality Pet Food Ingredients both domestically and from around the world to meet the growing needs of the dynamic and exciting Pet Food Industry. With over 75 collective years of trading experience, US Commodities’ Pet Food Ingredients group delivers its customers a wide palette of products, from micro ingredients to bulk rail shipment. 

Consistency, safety, transparency and confidence are our guiding principles. US Commodities provides enhanced levels of traceability for all its Pet Food Ingredients through its proprietary Supply Chain Intelligence applications and processes.

Memberships and Certifications

Member, Pet Food Institute -


Dried Potato (Dark and White)

Potato Starch

Sweet Potato (Dices, Pellets, Flour, Granules, and Flakes)

Purple Sweet Potato

Potato Flakes

Pea Protein

Pea Starch

Pea Flour

Pea Fiber

Ground Peas

Pearled Barley

Cracked Barley

Oat Groats

Organic Sweet Potato (Flakes and Flour)

Organic Pumpkin (Flakes)

Organic Butternut Squash (Flakes)

Product Specifications

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