Central States Mid-Proteins

Central States Mid-Proteins

The Central States Mid-Protein Group distributes a wide variety of bulk feed products via truck shipments spanning across the Midwest and beyond. Our unrivaled level of customer service provides value through competitive prices and high quality feed ingredients. We utilize state of the art technology and software applications that complement our competitive edge.  Expansive knowledge of the agricultural business sector enables us to provide current and forecasted market insight to clientele.  We are motivated to optimize values for all of our business partners. 

As experts in delivering feed ingredients; we foster positive long term business relationships.  The capability to offer multiple feed products and delivery options enables us to meet specific nutritional and budgeted requirements of customers. Through continual market research and daily practical experience we develop and implement marketing strategies for a growing list of products.  Passion for our work compels us to exceed expectations.  The personal approach that drives our business philosophy represents honesty and integrity.  Whether you are a feed producer that needs assistance moving product or a consumer that is interested in purchasing feed from a reliable supplier; we are here to serve your needs. Single bulk truck load or long term multiple shipment contract prices are available upon request.            


  • Corn Gluten
  • Feed Pellets
  • Loose Corn
  • Gluten Feed
  • Hominy
  • Ground/Rolled Corn
  • Dried Distillers Grains
  • Soy Hull Pellets
  • Soy Bean Meal
  • Rice Mill Feed
  • Cotton Seed Hull Pellets
  • Cotton Seed Meal
  • Canola Meal
  • Peanut Hull Pellets

List Of States Serviced

  • MO
  • KS
  • OK
  • CO
  • AR
  • TX
  • MS
  • AL
  • GA
  • IN

Product Specifications

Available upon request.